How much does it cost to make an app? How to create an app?

How to create an app and how much does it cost?

How much does it cost to make an app?


How to create an app?

The mobile application development cost depends first on your needs.

To define your budget, it’s necessary to count with a prototype creation,
a customized design or not, the application development, the interaction
with databases, tests, and finally the digital stores’ submission.

The prototype

In this phase, we create a mockup wireframe of the mobile application.
This demonstration at the scale 1:1 can be interactive or not.
The prototype’s phase allows defining exactly the zoning
of your mobile application. This phase is often neglected
for budget reasons, while it allows saving money on the development.

The design

At this stage, we create or adjust a design model to your project. A custom-made
a product can be realized at your request from A to Z. You will have to consider a
high cost for a personalized design of your mobile application.

The application mobile

It is the stage where our developers are going to schedule the features which require your mobile application.
They will also incorporate graphics elements constitutes your mobile
application, logo, images, videos. To register the data and the user’s credentials,
it is possible to interconnect one or several Database.

The Testing phase

The phase of test serves to test the mobile application Android or iPhone under
all these aspects, loads with battery, design, interactivity, time of answer,
compatibility with the versions of Android or iPhone.

Submission in Google and Apple Store

We submit your application on the Apple and Google Store. We can also realize if
you wish, the SEO of your application.

The cost of the development of a mobile application can thus vary from simple
to the double:
– Between $12 000 and $18 000 for a simple application.
– Between $18 000 and $36 000 for a more complex application

If you want to know How much does it cost to make an app?

and obtain an estimate as closely as possible to your needs. Please contact us
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